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Best DM wad of 2005

  Story 2145 - 30 years ago.
The first strike. The demons had made their way through the portals on Phobos and Deimos, taken over the bases and killed everything they could. They started to transform the bases in to something that resembled where they came from. Only one human survived this holocaust, only to be greeted by the burning cities of earth o his return to home.
 Hell on earth. The very same marine, battled his way through the viscious hordes from hell and crushed their opposition and their leader, the icon of sin. Baphometh.

 Shortly after, all the teleporter pads are gathered up and officially destroyed, all the remaining world leaders are personally supervising the destruction and humankind united, takes a deep breath of relief.

  Story 2150 - 25 years ago.
After several years of processing the UAC is officially split up in to several small factions. One of these factions, calling themselves the Crew (insignia) starts moving in to some of the old UAC bases on Phobos where they set up the base for a secret project.
 It's been a lot of concern that the demons are still able to come back and from the base of a sience magazine article published by the scientist Anton Sherek in the year 2141 (Title : Cyborgs - New horizons) they start working on a weapon strong enough to battle the legions of hell.
 The article in question was however spat on by the entire sientific world at the time, the thought of making full fledged Cyborgs was sickening. Up until that time, the furthest one had gone up to this point was to replace the occational hand or other severed body limbs with that of a mechanic one. These hadn't always worked out too great though, often bodies rejected the alien addition and the results weren't pretty. This resulting in almost all of the humanity sought upon cybernetics with discust. Anton Sherek however, considered this as fooling the humanity from unforseen possabilities. Specially in fields like weapons and medicine. He thought that it was a "simple" matter of rearranging the signals the brain sent out to that specific bodypart. Making it believe that the alien hardware always been there, that it belonged there.

Others said he was trying to play god.

[To be continued...]

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