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Best DM wad of 2005

  Files Ni'mrod Files.

Ni'mrod: Project Doom v1.0, Download:

  • IdGames - Download
  • TFuture.Org - Download
  • You'll need Skulltag to play Ni'mrod: Project Doom.
    Get it here: Skulltag.Com

      Add-ons Additional maps for Ni'mrod: Project Doom, made by the community.

  • Ni'mrod: Hell on Exdeus, by Homer. Released: 10/15/06
  • Game play: Single Player, Deatmatch.
    Download: IdGames

  • Nimrod - Exdeus: Toxic Storage Plant, by Cacodemon. Released: 12/06/06
  • Game play: Deathmatch.
    Download: Relentlessbeating.Com

      Past Original Ni'mrod files.

    Ni'mrod: Project Doom is a DM version/prequel for the Doom Legacy mod, Ni'mrod: Ixnay on the Hombre. (Originally released: 07/24/02) Although the modification were made for Doom Legacy, it will also run using the port GZDoom by Graf Zahl.

    Download Ni'mrod: Ixnay on the Hombre from the IdGames archive:

    Download (Important notice, this will NOT run with Skulltag.)

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