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Best DM wad of 2005

  Character S1 - Thal, Treboka and Gol.
The S1 units were the first set of attempts to create the cyborgs that Dr Sherek had envisioned. While the road had been long and hard to get this far. Making the body not reject the alien hardware had proven harder than the scientists had ever thought. So in a sense this was a success.

However. The cyborgs were completely braindead, and no one had any idea what was causing this. To not make the borgs not go to waste, an complex AI was built into the units. This made it possible for them to tend to their most dire needs, such as food. But most importantly, they were trimmed to become as close as possible to the fierce battle machines that they were once supposed to become.

The AI however, was not going to be able to replace the brain capacity of a human. So the work continued.

The units were also issued helmets, to cover their face and specially their eyes. As no one wanted to see their dead, expressionless faces and soulless eyes.

  Character S2 - Menea, Ver and Sagara.
This second attempt was a big failiure. The scientist team had high hopes and was certain that they had figured out what caused the brain to stop responding and processing. A similar, yet more effective computer was placed in these borgs to replace what was sought as unreplacable.

  Character S3 - Cobol, Grecka and Adam.
One of these units were named Adam, he was the first of them to be started. And he was the first to show signs of brain-activity. This however was a very small victory for the team. But the fact remained. They had finally created a cyborg with detectable brain-activity.

Of course while it wasn't enough to make them work as a independant unit, it was still a spark of light in the end of the tunnel. Just like the previous units, they were issued a computer to deal with their everyday AI and battle AI.

(More characters coming later...)

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