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  About What is Ni'mrod?
Ni'mrod, was originally a 6 level Doom2 mission pack for the source port Doom Legacy. It later turned in to a 10 level Partial Conversion, but still remained as a Doom2 mission pack. This PC was released during the summer of 2002. Ni'mrod, is the player character of that mission pack. He is also included in this project, but this time as the final encounter (or boss, if you will).

Ni'mrod - Project Doom however, is the prequel to this mission pack. It's story deals with the training for the coming battle that the "Doom's" (the collective name for the Cyborgs in Ni'mrod) are bound to have with the forces of hell.

While Ni'mrod - Project Doom do have a 10 level SP setup for battling bots, it's primary focus is to pit players around the world against eachother, using the weapons from Ni'mrod and Skulltag, together with it's features such as runes.

Ni'mrod - Project Doom will feature atleast 13 maps of varying sizes for some of the most furious multiplayer action ever witnessed in Doom.

  The Name What does Ni'mrod mean?
The name Ni'mrod actually means two things, the main thing that Ni'mrod comes from and means from the very beginning is the mention of him in the bible. To be more exact, Genesis chapter 1 verse 10. This is where Ni'mrod is mentioned as the first human to ever put up a empire on earth. These days however, Nimrod also is slang for dumbass.

  Features What will I find in Ni'mrod?

*Several new weapons such as the Hellraiser, combat shotgun, high precision chaingun.
*5 new skins.
*All new medal designs.
*13 furious multiplayer maps of varying sizes.
*98% of all the features of Ni'mrod included (monsters, sounds, textures, etc)
*Mod/S3M/XT soundtrack.
*Works with other mapsets such as STLMS, STCTF, etc.

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